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Physical therapy (PT) offered at Foundations Therapy is child-centered. Keeping the building blocks of development in mind, physical therapy looks at a child’s core development and how it effects their overall performance.

Physical Therapy

Many children with gross motor difficulties struggle with coordination, balance, and poor respiration. These challenges are often related to muscle strength and inefficient compensatory movement patterns. An experienced physical therapist can help identify these inefficient patterns and guide the child through better movement, which in turn results in improved coordination, balance, endurance, and overall participation.

Physical therapy at Foundations Therapy is also very play-based to keep kids motivated while working. Exercise programs are important for in the home but are family-friendly and specifically tailored to a child’s needs.


Our physical therapists closely observe movement and breathing patterns to identify patterns that can be improved. 


Physical therapy uses fun and engaging activities to build strength and endurance for all children. 


PT is about helping kids grow into their full potential, with strong bodies and confidence. 

Physical Therapy May Address:

  • Development or restoration of strength and coordination related to gross motor skills.
  • Respiration for children with asthma, poor coordination, and endurance
  • Bowel and bladder concerns related to dysfunction to muscles of the pelvic floor (i.e. constipation or frequent accidents)
  • Motor coordination difficulties.

Our Experts

Kara Reich
Physical Therapist