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Logo for Foundations Therapy, Building to Full Potential

We believe pediatric therapy should be engaging & meaningful at any age.

At Foundations Therapy, our qualified team caters to your family’s needs so we can give your child the strong foundation they need to reach their full potential.

We are child-centered and family-focused.

Our service uses evidence-based techniques to provide children and families with the tools to achieve their highest potential in everyday life. Whether the building blocks are big or small, each component matters when developing a strong foundation for learning. With our comprehensive approach utilizing standardized evaluation, movement, sensory integration and interdisciplinary collaboration, we are able to build skills for a child’s full potential.

We have a wide range of services because it takes a team!

Foundations Therapy has experienced and qualified clinicians in the fields of occupational, physical, and speech-language therapy. This diverse team allows us to approach each child holistically. Through quality therapy, children can achieve independence, increase participation in various activities, enhance motor skills, and expand learning opportunities. We aspire to empower parents and caregivers to understand their child to help them achieve their goals.

Occupational Therapy

Addresses participation in every day tasks such as self-cares, age appropriate play and school related tasks while targeting underlying challenges related to sensory processing, motor coordination and organizational skills.

Speech Therapy

Targets functional communication in a variety of ways, focusing on articulation, receptive/expressive language, oral motor skills, and use of visuals to support social interactions with peers and caregivers.

Physical Therapy

Development and restoration of strength and motor coordination for successful participation in functional mobility, recreation and daily living tasks.

Bridge Programs

Inclusive, adaptive programs for improving balance, coordination, muscle memory, motor planning, rate/rhythm, listening skills, and socialization.

We provide therapy that lets kids be kids.

Our facility offers children a fun, safe and friendly environment designed specifically with their progress in mind.

Foundations Therapy is proudly serving families in west-central WI.

Our office is located in New Richmond, Wisconsin. We’re very excited to make our services accessible to people in the area!

Trusted by a wide range of care providers.