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Our Bridge Programs are specific events and activities that provide a fun and social environment for therapeutic activities. We also provide educational events for families & the community.

Jump n' Jive Program

This class promotes physical fitness, sensory input, and peer interaction in a fun, accepting atmosphere utilizing music and trampolines. It is adaptable for children of all abilities to promote inclusion and success, while targeting each system of the body.

Skills JnJ May Address:

  • Balance
  • Coordination
  • Muscle memory
  • Motor planning
  • Rate and rhythm
  • Listening skills
  • Socialization

Social Skills

More than ever, children are experiencing social distancing, which is drastically impacting social development, opportunities, and relationships of all kinds. In addition to individual challenges, several dynamics with the pandemic have shifted social challenges worldwide. Foundations Therapy is excited to extend a new program offered to the community to facilitate skilled social development. 

Social Skills Addresses:

  • Following Directions
  • Group Contributions
  • Eye Contact & Visual Regard
  • Problem Solving
  • Understanding Perspectives
  • Empathy Skills
  • Engaging Appropriately with Others
  • Self-Awareness in Groups

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Sensory Exploration

The Sensory Exploration group is designed for kids ages 6+ and is held at Foundations Therapy once a week for five weeks. In this group, enabled by two Occupational Therapists, the participants will be educated on and lead through the explorations of all five senses. These included smell, taste, touch, sound, and sight. Activities are intended for children of all abilities to partake and to be included in the educational process, exploration, and playful components within a skilled and safe environment.

This group has been covered by CLTS funding and private pay. 

Life Skills

The Life Skills group is designed for kids ages 12-18 years. The curriculum has been created and adapted by two Occupational Therapists to facilicate executive fuctioning and basic life skills within a community and peer-based setting. 

Life Skills Covers:

  • Basic First Aid
  • Weather Emergencies
  • Personal Information
  • Money Management
  • Community & Internet Safety
  • Grooming & Hygiene
  • At-Home Responsibility
  • Meal Preparation
  • Problem Solving & Critical Thinking
  • Scheduling Obligations
  • Social Skills

Program Staff

Emily Hanson
Owner & Occupational Therapist
Community Outreach and Program Director, Katie Govin
Katie Govin
Director Community Outreach & Program
Madeline Curry
Clinic Assistant