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Promoting growth through a caring perspective.

Licensed counselors work with a child to resolve issues and develop tools for long-term stress management.


Counseling at Foundations uses a personalized combination of different therapy models including Person Centered, Relationship Centered, Play Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Everyone’s journey is unique, our mission is to aid clients on their journey towards experiencing a more balanced life. We work with children and families navigating communication to help deepen their connections and gather a better understanding how each of their roles influences each other in their family unit. We address negative saturated self talk, adversities and behaviors the client would like to change. We set goals and work together to find positive coping strategies to empower our clients to living a more fulfilling life. Aiding our clients and walking with them on their journey of healing emotional pain that may be impacting their daily lives.

We are still currently working with insurance companies to get mental health program covered under our clinic. However, we are offering our counseling services at an affordable cash pay basis. Call or email us today to get started!


A compassionate counselor can help a child understand and process their feelings, build resilience, and promote healing and growth.


Support plays a crucial role in counseling by providing children with the assurance and encouragement they need to work through their challenges.


Working with a counselor provides a child the ability to work through adversities.

Our Approach:

Whatever problems clients are facing are very personal and we are here to offer a safe space for our clients to work through the difficulties they are facing. We provide our clients with a non-judgmental space to explore their life and come to their own discoveries. Our therapists work with children by using a non-directive Play Therapy approach to better understand the inner world of the child. Children communicate through play and expression, which can be overwhelming and confusing as a parent to try and understand their child’s needs. Non-directive Play Therapy is a space for the child to express themselves safely and freely and relieve feelings of stress while stimulating creative thinking and exploration. Play Therapy works on helping children regulate their emotions while building confidence, learning more adaptive behaviors and enhancing social skills.

Our Experts

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